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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Our class tour to Loughwell Pet Farm on 10th June

We had an AMAZING time on our school tour to Loughwell Pet Farm yesterday. For starters, the weather was beautiful and we got to travel on the bus with all our friends, both from our own class and also from the other Senior Infant Classes. Our guide for the day was Daniel and he did a terrific job. When we arrived we got to go on a huge slide.It was such fun. Then we walked around the farm and Daniel showed us all the various animals.We got to pet them and even fed some of them!! We couldn't believe it when we got to meet two of Santa's reindeers who have come to stay in Galway for a while and are taking a long rest before returning to the North Pole again before Christmas!!!
We had a relay race and even teacher took part!! We got to go for a spin around the farm on the back of the Farmer's tractor and we took part in all the various activities. We really had a fantastic day and it certainly was a day to remember.