Friday, 24 October 2008

Witches' Walk

Today the children in room 3 looked a little different! We all dressed up for Halloween (even teacher!) and had great fun altogether. We had Spidermen, a police man, skeletons, pirates, princesses, vampires and loads of friendly witches. The walk was great and lots of people came out to see us and gave us friendly waves and cheered us along. When we returned we had a big Halloween party. Aaliyah got the ring in the brack. We hope that everyone enjoys their Halloween break and we will be back at school again on Monday, 3rd of November.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Baboró- Pequenos Paraisos (Tiny Paradises)

We recently went to see Tiny Paradises in the Town Hall Theatre as part of the Baboró International Arts Festival for children. It was absolutely amazing and is simply a stunning dance production.We were all enthralled for the duration of the show. Well done to the dance company from Madrid!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The smarties experiment

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We have been learning a lot about colour lately. As well as sorting and classifying objects according to the criteria of colour we decided to do some investigating. We worked in pairs and were given a transparent cup of water, a lollipop stick and a variety of different coloured smarties. First we had to sort and classify the smarties into sets according to colour. Then we wondered what would happen if we dropped a red smartie into the plastic cup? We made our predictions and then the exciting stuff began at last!! As we stirred the smarties around with the lollipop sticks we began to notice that the colour of the water changed to red. This was interesting stuff so we emptied out our cups , filled them with fresh water and began again, this time using a different coloured smartie (we were all glad that the blue smarties were back!!.) After repeating this with lots of different colours we wondered what would happen if we mixed two different coloured smarties together? Would it make one colour? Would our knowledge of mixing different paint colours together help us?? By George it did!! We also mixed different coloured paints together. Here's what we discovered.
  • red+yellow=orange
  • yellow+blue=green
  • blue+red=purle
  • white+black=grey
  • white+red=pink
  • black+blue=navy
  • orange+black=brown

Here is our poem for mixing colours:

Mixing colour

Mix red and blue for purple,

Mix red and white for pink,

Mix red and black and yellow,

And you'll get brown, I think.

Why don't you mix some colours?

Mix two or three or four,

You might just mix a colour

No one's ever mixed before.

Halloween Maths

As we have been talking a lot about Halloween lately we decided to make a picture graph of our favourite Halloween things. Witches turned out to be the most popular with 11 children picking them. Surprisingly ghosts and skeletons were the least popular. Have a look to see the rest!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Halloween Art

We are busy at the moment getting ready for Halloween. So far we have made bats, pumpkins and dancing skeletons. We have learned two songs about witches. We accompany the songs with our instruments and it is great fun. Once again this year Bertha the witch has come to stay with us for a while before Halloween but she is very friendly and we don't mind having her around! We are looking forward to the Witches' walk next Friday when the whole school will dress up for Halloween (even the teachers!!) and we will go on a long walk to help raise money for our school. Here is our poem about skeletons:

My skeleton, my bony, bony skeleton,

Keeps me standing tall.

Without my bony skeleton,

All my parts would fall!

We love to play!!

We love play time and making things. Have a look at some of our constructions.

A visit to the beach

We visited the beach recently with Mrs Mc Loughlin's class and had a wonderful time altogether. We walked there and back so we got a chance to put our road safety rules into practice. We found some very pretty shells, lots of seaweed and observed a rock pool. Some of us even ran away from a crab!! Have a look at some of our pictures.

Senior Infants September '08 - June '09

Welcome to our new classroom. We are in Senior Infants now and are in room 3. Miss Flaherty is our new teacher. We have 22 children in our class - 13 boys and 9 girls. We are all getting along famously!