Monday, 5 May 2014

The smelling test!!

We are learning about our senses at the moment. On Friday we learned about our sense of smell. Teacher asked us to smell various things in 'smell' bottles, and we had to guess what the smells were, with our eyes closed or covered. We had to guess the following smells; coffee, ginger, vinegar, perfume, washing-up liquid, onion and chlorine.

Our Class Garden

We went out to our garden patch on Friday to see how our peas are growing. Have a look - they are coming along nicely!!! We also planted some broadbeans.

Thank you so much Tom for visiting our class recently. Tom showed us some great origami birds and then told us lots and lots of interesting facts about birds.
We learned about the biggest bird in the world and the biggest in Ireland, the smallest birds, the birds with the longest wingspan, the birds with the biggest and smallest eggs, the birds who can fly the fastest, dive the fastest, tallest birds and lots more.
We were shown how to draw birds, how birds catch and eat mice, what might be in an owl's pellet and what different birds sound like.
We had a fantastic morning with Tom and we learned so much today.
We are all so interested in birds after Tom's talk today.
Thank you so much Tom!

Here we are drawing a bird, after Tom's workshop