Wednesday, 25 November 2009


A Theatre company came to visit our school today and performed Pinocchio. It was terrific and we had plenty of opportunities to participate. The costumes were very colourful and we loved singing along to the YMCA song and to Row, Row, Row your boat. There were lots of interesting characters also and we all loved Pinocchio!

Junior Achievement Award Certificates

We had our last Junior Achievement lesson with Clare on Friday and Clare gave each of us an award certificate because we had worked so hard. We love our certificates and we really want to say a huge THANK YOU to Clare for all the work she did with us each week. We had lots of fun and we learned a lot too.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Golden Tickets

We have some Golden Rules in our class for good behaviour and for good listening and if we follow them and try our best then we can earn a Golden Ticket. If someone earns 10 Golden Tickets then they get a prize. We place our Golden Tickets in an envelope which we decorated ourselves. We are all working very hard and we are earning lots of Golden Tickets. Teacher is very proud of us.

Halloween Walk

We went on our annual sponsored Halloween walk on Friday, 23rd of October. We all dressed up in Halloween costumes and went on a walk around Renmore to help raise funds for our school. It was great fun and we all really enjoyed it. Afterwards when we returned to class we had a big Halloween Party. A huge thank you to all those who helped get the children ready and to all those who sponsored us on our walk.
Can you guess who this teacher is?
Aren't we a scary bunch!!!
Hi from all of us!

We are just about to begin our Halleen Walk.