Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Visit to the Bottle Bank

We have been learning all about re-using and re-cycling in class this week, so today we went to visit the Bottle Bank beside our school. We had to help teacher decide the correct bins to put clear or brown glass bottles/jars into. We also saw the can bank, which we can use to re-cycle our tins/cans. There was also a Clothes Bank where we can bring clothes which are too small for us or we don't need any more. The proceeds from these clothes help many charities. We know that it is really important to re-cycle things(both at home and at school) and every day in class we sort out our rubbish and we use the green bins to put paper, card, clean plastic and newspaper into. We bring any left-over food home (there is usually not very much of this!!!), so that it can be put into the correct bin at home for food. It is very important for our world to re-use and re-cycle. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween Walk

We had wonderful fun on the day of our holidays. We dressed up in our Halloween costumes and went on a sponsored walk around Renmore, to raise money for our school. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored us, and came out to support us, and cheer us on, on the day. When we returned to school, after the walk, we watched the after school Glee club perform wonderful dance routines to the music 'Thriller'. We then had a big party in our classroom to celebrate Halloween and the beginning of our school holidays. 

Halloween Maths

Here is a picture graph of our favourite Halloween things.
As you can see, the skeletons won and were the most popular (7 people chose them), followed closely by the bats (6 people chose them). Next came the witches (chosen by 3 people), followed by the ghosts (2).Surprisingly, last of all came the pumpkins, with only one person choosing them. 

A spooky classroom for Halloween!!!!

Here is Bertha, the friendly witch, who came to stay in our class for Halloween.

Halloween Art

We each made a witch's mask.

Can you guess who I am?

Here we are molding the clay to make clay spiders. We had great fun throwing the clay and banging it out, on the desk, to get rid of any air bubbles, before we molded our spiders. 

 What a scary bunch of spiders we are!!!!
 We made these pumpkin men also. They were great fun to make and we are getting very good at cutting out using scissors.