Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Class tour to Turoe Pet Farm on wednesday, 23rd June

Our class and Miss Gilligan's class went on our school tour together today to Turoe Pet Farm. We had a wonderful time and it was such a memorable and enjoyable day. We travelled on the bus and Paddy was our driver. We saw lots of interesting things on the journey there and back. When we arrived we went to an adventure/activity center and played there for a while. Then we had something to eat and went on a tour of the farm. We all got a chance to feed and pet some of the animals. The Kerry sheep were simply adorable and were a big hit with us all as were the little donkeys and the peacocks to name just a few. When we had seen all the animals we got to go and play in the outdoor playground which was amazing fun, especially together with all our friends. Lastly we went inside to the inflatable kingdom and got to go on the giant inflatable slide. It was terrific!! Miss Flaherty and Miss Gilligan even had a go!! A big thank you to Anne, Miss Carleton and Mrs Phelan for coming along with us today and for all their help.

Hip Hop Dancing on Tuesday, 22nd June

Yesterday Fabiane came to teach us some Hip Hop Dancing. We really LOVED the lesson and enjoyed it so much. The music was so cool and we danced our little hearts out!!Teacher was so impressed with us. A huge thank you to Fabiane for teaching us.

Visit of a Lifeguard to our class on Monday, 21st June

On Monday a lifeguard called Séamus came to talk to us about water safety. He gave us some very important rules to help us keep safe in the water. Here they are in a nutshell:
1) Don't swim alone.
2) Don't swim just after eating(wait at least one hour).
3) Don't swim when you're hot or tired.
4) Don't swim in strange places.
5) Don't swim out after anything drifting.
6) Don't stay in the water too long.
7) Don't swim out to sea.
8) Swim parallel and close to the shore.
9) Do what the lifeguard tells you.
10) Never use air mattresses(lilos).
11) Pay attention to signs on the beach.
12) Don't be a bully.
13) Learn to use equipment before trying it out.

Senior Infants Sports Day on Thursday, 3rd June

All the Senior Infant classes had our annual Sports Day on Thursday,3rd June. We ran the class heats first and then we had the finals. We had the potato and spoon race, the sack race and the sprint races. It was a beautiful day. Afterwards we all went to the halla for the prize-giving ceremony and we all got a yummy loop the loop ice lolly each.