Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Our favourite Spring baby animals pictogram

We are learning all about Spring at the moment, so in Maths today we made a pictogram of some of our favourite Spring animals.We decided to include the humble caterpillar and tadpole also! As you can see the chicks were the most popular Spring baby animal in our class (they received 7 votes) followed by the foals (5 votes) and then  the lambs (4 votes).The least popular were the calf, caterpillar and tadpole, which only got one vote each!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Beautiful video to watch!

Bible stories

We have been reading some bible stories.
Here you can watch videos of the stories we have read.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Music - using the Boom Whackers

We had great fun using the Boom Whackers. We used them to tap out the beat of 'Haste to the Wedding'. We also played rhythm games where we had to listen carefully to the beat that teacher was tapping out and then we had to repeat it. We also had to make up our own beats and the rest of the class had to imitate them. We are getting very good at using the boom whackers.

Class photo

We took a new class photo today. It is lovely to have a photo of us all together. Aren't we a happy bunch?!!!! We are wonderful friends and we get along great together.

Computer Art

We love creating pictures on the computer using Splosh. Have a look at some of the pictures we have created so far.
 Tara's picture

 Success' picture

Given's picture

Eddie's picture 

 Dean's picture

Sebastian's picture

Lara's picture

Ned's picture

Ella's picture

Matthew's picture

David's picture

Ned's picture

Adam's picture

 Éireann's picture

 Daehan's picture

Getting creative at Play Time

We got new play dough recently and we really enjoy being creative and making things with it. Have a look at some of the things we made.

Éadaí Bingo

We are learning all about Éadaí (clothes) in Irish at present. We LOVE playing the Éadaí bingo game. It is great fun and we are getting very good at concentrating and watching our bingo cards.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fun making pancakes

We made delicious pancakes in class for Pancake Tuesday. Firstly, we put all the ingredients into a bowl (flour, a pinch of salt, some eggs and milk)  and then we mixed the mixture together. We remembered to sieve the flour before we put it into the bowl, and this was great fun. Teacher had a special pancake maker and she poured the mixture into this. It cooked two pancakes at once, which was really handy, and it also cooked the top and bottom of the pancake simultaneously, so we didn't have to flip the pancake over to cook the other side.  Then we put some fresh lemon juice and chocolate spread on them and ate them while they were still hot. They were very tasty indeed!!
                     We also learned a little rhyme about making pancakes:
                                                        Mix a pancake,
                                                        Stir a pancake,

                                                        Pop it in the pan.
                                                        Fry a pancake
                                                        Flip a pancake,
                                                        Catch it if you can!!