Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Floating and Sinking

This week we have been busy investigating things that float and things that sink. We are becoming good at predicting accurately what will happen (will it be a floater or a sinker?) before we try it out. When we tried to push an inflated balloon under the water it wouldn't stay under the water when we let it go again. This push force is called upthrust and this is what helps to make objects float. The inflated ballooon floated because the upthrust from the water was stronger than the weight of the balloon. Some of the objects we tested (like the stone and the metal spoon) sank straight away as the weight of them was stronger than the upthrust of the water. It's fun investigating and we could do it outside as the weather was lovely.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Billy Goats Gruff

We have been working on the story 'Billy Goats Gruff' in Drama. After discussing the story teacher 'became' the troll and we got to ask the 'troll' any questions we liked about the troll's life. At first we all felt that the troll had bean very mean to the three Billy goats but then as we learned more about the troll's life we began to understand him more and discovered that perhaps he was being mean to the three Billy Goats in the first place because he was lonely and sad that no one would play with him and he decided to be mean first in case anyone was going to be mean to him!! There were many other interesting suggestions! We finished the lesson by drawing a picture of what we thought a troll might look like. We came up with some fantastic results. Teacher loved our trolls but said that she would not like to meet them all at once!!!

Our cress seeds have come along nicely!!

A few weeks ago we planted some cress seeds in class. Have a look at how they've grown!! We will be bringing them home tomorrow and we can use them in salads.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Easter Art

We made some lovely Easter chicks today. Firstly we stuck some pieces of yellow crepe paper to both a large and small paper plate (this took some time!!). Then we cut out the chicks feet, wings and beak and stuck them on our chick. Lastly we stuck some googly eyes on our chick.

Marching Band

We learned a simple two-note (soh mi) song called See Saw recently and then we tapped the regular beat throughout. Then teacher divided us into two groups and one group sang the song while the other group tapped the beat. Then we swapped groups.Next we helped teacher to take out the instruments and we each picked an instrument. We had drums, triangles, xylophones, maracas, a guiro, tambourines, tambours, woodblocks and sleigh bells. We sang the song while at the same time tapping out the pulse of the song. Teacher was so impressed with us and said that we were the best band in all of Ireland!! As it was a lovely day we went outside and what an amazing marching band we made!!

Mother's Day Art

Have a look at some of the lovely things we made for our mums last week for Mother's Day.
Beautiful vases of flowers.

 A gift to make the perfect cup of tea!!!
 A bookmark our mums can treasure forever!!