Monday, 11 April 2011

Billy Goats Gruff

We have been working on the story 'Billy Goats Gruff' in Drama. After discussing the story teacher 'became' the troll and we got to ask the 'troll' any questions we liked about the troll's life. At first we all felt that the troll had bean very mean to the three Billy goats but then as we learned more about the troll's life we began to understand him more and discovered that perhaps he was being mean to the three Billy Goats in the first place because he was lonely and sad that no one would play with him and he decided to be mean first in case anyone was going to be mean to him!! There were many other interesting suggestions! We finished the lesson by drawing a picture of what we thought a troll might look like. We came up with some fantastic results. Teacher loved our trolls but said that she would not like to meet them all at once!!!

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