Thursday, 20 November 2008

Junior Achievement

Mike is a volunteer with Junior Achievement and he has been visiting our class every Friday for the past couple of weeks and has been telling us all about the world of business. So far we have learned about Robbie's trip to the farm. We discovered how individuals make choices and we drew pictures of our favourite animals. Mike told us a story about Angie and her plans to earn money by making and selling crafts at a carnival. Another great story was called 'Charlie Plants a Garden'. In this story the characters work together to plant a community garden. We learned about the importance of working together and discovered rewards other than money. Afterwards we got to 'plant' our own garden using assorted plant stickers. It was great fun. We can't wait for Mike to come back next week!!

Magic Bubble Show

As part of science week our class went to see an amazing bubble show yesterday in the Teachers' Centre. We walked there and back so we got plenty of exercise and we had yet another opportunity to use our safety rules for crossing the road. We got a chance to look at giant bubbles and we observed that all the colours of the rainbow (red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo and violet) are visible at first in the bubble. When all the colours disappear the bubble is about to burst. We had great fun predicting when the bubble was going to burst. Interestingly the bubble always formed the shape of a sphere. The man used different shaped hoops and they were different sizes also. If the hoop was very big then the bubble was very big also. We also saw a bubble filled with smoke, a bubble within another bubble and several bubbles joined together to make a caterpillar. To make the bubble mixture you will need a fairly large container filled with water. Add 1% glycerine and 4% washing up liquid. Mums and Dads will need to give a hand making the mixture!