Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Scoil Chaitríona Junior Carol Service

You are all invited to the Scoil Chaitríona Junior Carol Service
On: Monday, December 21st
At: 7pm
In: Renmore Church
(Note: All Senior Infants, First and Second classes wear their full school uniform on the night)

Our Nativity Play

We have been very busy for the past few weeks rehearsing for our Nativity play. We will be performing it with Miss Gilligan's class and we have made lots of new friends too. We all have a special part to play and we have learned lots of new songs for it. We also have some lovely costumes to wear. We can't wait to perform it for everybody. We will be performing it for all the Junior and Senior Infants tomorrow and on Thursday for all the First and Second classes. Then on Friday at 12 pm (in the halla) all our mums, dads, grannies grandads, family members etc are all invited to see it.

Christmas Art

Christmas stable scene
We coloured this beautiful Nativity scene then we used lollipop sticks to make the stable.

Christmas Art

We have made lots of lovely things in art for Christmas.

We made these beautiful 3-D angels. First we coloured in the angels. Then we cut them out. We painted an empty toilet roll and when it was dry teacher stapled our angels to the toilet rolls so that they would stand up by themselves. We added a doiley which looks just like a beautiful snowflake.

Look at the beautiful stable I made at home.

A Snowman in the snow
First we paintes a paper plate blue. When dry we did a rough outline of a snowman and then filled it in with cotton wool. We also placed cotton wool for snow on the ground and scattered some amongst the trees. We added a scarf and hat using felt material. We cot out a nose from foan and used felt fot the mouth. We used googly eyes. We made the tree from brown paper cut into strips. Some tinfoil came in handy to make the icicles and the moon.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


A Theatre company came to visit our school today and performed Pinocchio. It was terrific and we had plenty of opportunities to participate. The costumes were very colourful and we loved singing along to the YMCA song and to Row, Row, Row your boat. There were lots of interesting characters also and we all loved Pinocchio!

Junior Achievement Award Certificates

We had our last Junior Achievement lesson with Clare on Friday and Clare gave each of us an award certificate because we had worked so hard. We love our certificates and we really want to say a huge THANK YOU to Clare for all the work she did with us each week. We had lots of fun and we learned a lot too.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Golden Tickets

We have some Golden Rules in our class for good behaviour and for good listening and if we follow them and try our best then we can earn a Golden Ticket. If someone earns 10 Golden Tickets then they get a prize. We place our Golden Tickets in an envelope which we decorated ourselves. We are all working very hard and we are earning lots of Golden Tickets. Teacher is very proud of us.

Halloween Walk

We went on our annual sponsored Halloween walk on Friday, 23rd of October. We all dressed up in Halloween costumes and went on a walk around Renmore to help raise funds for our school. It was great fun and we all really enjoyed it. Afterwards when we returned to class we had a big Halloween Party. A huge thank you to all those who helped get the children ready and to all those who sponsored us on our walk.
Can you guess who this teacher is?
Aren't we a scary bunch!!!
Hi from all of us!

We are just about to begin our Halleen Walk.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Our favourite Halloween things

We discussed our favourite Halloween things and then we made a data chart and recorded the results. As you can see bats were the most popular in our class followed by witches, pumpkins, skeletons and one ghost!!

Funny Bones

We have been reading a great Big Book called Funny Bones this week. It is very funny and it is all about a big skeleton, a little skeleton and a dog skeleton and what they get up to when they decide to go out at night and try to frighten somebody!! Things don't quite work out as they had planned and they end up trying to frighten each other! It is very funny and we all loved the book, particularly the part where they try to put the dog skeleton back together again!!

A visit from Garda Ronan

Garda Ronan shows us his handcuffs

Stephen's Dad, Ronan, came to visit us yesterday to tell us all about his work as a Garda. We were all very excited to see him. He asked us all what we thought a garda did and there was some great discussion!! He explained that the Gardai are there to keep us all safe and to protect us and he also discussed the importance of Road Safety with us.
Garda Ronan had a special belt with different compartments on it which held a torch, notebook, handcuffs and a walkie-talkie on it. He explained what they were for and why he uses them.
We also looked at his uniform (navy trousers, tie, jacket, hat , black boots and a light blue shirt). His shirt also had a special number on it attached on the shoulders along with the letters GA for Galway City.
Some of us would like to be a guard when we grow up. A huge thank you to Garda Ronan for coming to visit us.

A visit from a software developer

Denis' Dad , Maksym, came to visit us on Tuesday to tell us all about his work with computers. He talked about the many things computers are used for today (such as flying a plane and our interactive whiteboard to name just two!!) and how computers can be programmed to do things. We love computers in Room 3 and we love using the new interactive whiteboard every day. Denis' Dad Maksym, has to travel to lots of different places to help fix computers (even to London!) and he said that the most time consuming thing is to find out what the problem is with the computer, as he has to test all the parts , but once he finds the problem it is east to fix. Thank you so much Maksym for coming to visit us.

A visit from a Health Promotion Manager on Friday, 16th October

Adrienne waving us goodbye as she left on her bicycle Last Friday Evan's mum, Adrienne, came to visit us and she told us all about her work in Health Promotion with the HSE. She gave us lots of tips on how to stay healthy and active and told us that children should be doing at least one hour of physical activity each day. The hour of activity doesn't have to be all together and can be broken up into say ten minutes here and fifteen minutes there etc. It can also comprise of different activities such as walking to school (if it is not possible to walk to school due to distance then perhaps parents might consider parking up the road from the school and walking part of the way with their child/children), playing sport, running outside at play time etc.

Adrienne also spoke about healthy eating and how we all should be eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Sweets and sweet things are ok for treats now and again but we shouldn't be eating them too often and certainly not every day.
Adrienne also shared with us ways in which she and her family try to stay healthy.They eat healthy foods and regularly cycle together to school, to the park and to town. They also walk a lot together and chat while they walk which is lovely. If it is raining they have pull ups to help keep them dry. Some of the other children in our class also cycle regularly and lots of us play sports such as hurling and football and some go to Ballet and Gymnastics so overall we are a very fit bunch!!

Adrienne left us some lovely activities to do before she left and some booklets for our parents and then we all waved her goodbye as she cycled off on her bicycle. Thank you so much Adrienne for coming to talk to us. We really enjoyed your visit and learned a lot.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Halloween visitors to room 3!!

Junior Achievement

Clare from Junior Achievement came for her second visit to us today. Junior Achievement is a scheme where people working in business volunteer to come into schools to teach children a little about the world of business. The programme and activities are very structured and it is most enjoyable. Last week Clare told us all about Robbie and his trip to the farm. After helping his aunt Rhonda feed the chickens and collect the eggs , Robbie and his aunt then take the fresh eggs into town to make a trade. We also got to draw pictures of our favourite animals and Clare gave us some cool photograph magnets to take home and put our favourite photo inside.

Today Clare told us a story called 'Angie and the Carnival'. It is time for the Autumn carnival and Angie decides to make and sell bookmarks. She and her aunt Sarah decide to sell them for 25 cents each. On the last day of the carnival, Angie spends some of her money on rides and decides to save the rest in her savings bank.

Halloween ghosts and skeletons

Our spooky ghosts turned out great!!
We had great fun making these skeletons. We also learned a poem about a skeleton.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Halloween Art

We are preparing for Halloween and have made some lovely things in art. So far we have made these friendly spiders made of clay and some batty bats. This week we will also be making skeletons and spooky ghosts. Keep an eye out for them.

Paper Helicopters

We made paper helicopters and through our exploration and investigation we observed how gravity pulled the helicopters down. The shape of the rotor blades made our helicopters spin when dropped from a height. We also bent the rotor blades the other way around and we saw that our helicopters spun in a different direction. We each had a small paper helicopter and a large one. The helicopter with the longest rotor blades took longer to reach the ground than the one with the shorter rotor blades as it experienced more air resistance. We also made one of our helicopters much heavier than the other by attaching paper clips on to it and discovered that the heavier helicopter fell to the floor first.

A Doctor comes to visit

Arsalan's Dad, Muhammad, came to visit us last week to tell us all about his job as a doctor. First he told us all about the different types of doctors there are and what they do and then he told us about his special job -he's an anaesthetist (it's a long word but we are good at saying it by now!!). We discussed why it is necessary to put people to sleep before an operation. Arsalan's Dad also brought along his stethoscope and showed us how to use it. He left it with us for the day so we all got a chance to listen to our own heartbeat the heartbeat of our friends. It was so interesting and was great fun also. Later we listened to some heartbeats on the interactive whiteboard and they were a little easier to hear as we could turn the volume up!! A big thank you to Arsalan's Dad for coming to see us.