Thursday, 22 October 2009

A visit from a Health Promotion Manager on Friday, 16th October

Adrienne waving us goodbye as she left on her bicycle Last Friday Evan's mum, Adrienne, came to visit us and she told us all about her work in Health Promotion with the HSE. She gave us lots of tips on how to stay healthy and active and told us that children should be doing at least one hour of physical activity each day. The hour of activity doesn't have to be all together and can be broken up into say ten minutes here and fifteen minutes there etc. It can also comprise of different activities such as walking to school (if it is not possible to walk to school due to distance then perhaps parents might consider parking up the road from the school and walking part of the way with their child/children), playing sport, running outside at play time etc.

Adrienne also spoke about healthy eating and how we all should be eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Sweets and sweet things are ok for treats now and again but we shouldn't be eating them too often and certainly not every day.
Adrienne also shared with us ways in which she and her family try to stay healthy.They eat healthy foods and regularly cycle together to school, to the park and to town. They also walk a lot together and chat while they walk which is lovely. If it is raining they have pull ups to help keep them dry. Some of the other children in our class also cycle regularly and lots of us play sports such as hurling and football and some go to Ballet and Gymnastics so overall we are a very fit bunch!!

Adrienne left us some lovely activities to do before she left and some booklets for our parents and then we all waved her goodbye as she cycled off on her bicycle. Thank you so much Adrienne for coming to talk to us. We really enjoyed your visit and learned a lot.

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