Friday, 17 January 2014

Drumming Lessons

We began drumming lessons today with Alan. It was really good fun and we learned a lot about listening out for the beat first, before trying to copy it ourselves. We also got to try out our own beats on the drums individually, and the rest of the class had to copy it (such FUN!!!). We played hot and cold too, tapping the drum lightly if the person was far away from the hidden object, or very loudly, if the person was very close to the object. WE can't wait to go again next week for another lesson!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Santa came to visit us!!!

We got a great surprise just before Christmas when Santa came to visit our class. We were delighted!!! He even left us a box of sweets! Thank you so much Santa!

Christmas Art

Here is some of our Christmas art. 

Our Christmas Nativity Play - Christmas with the Aliens!!!!

We had a wonderful time before Christmas, rehearsing for our nativity play, which was called 'Christmas with the Aliens'!!!! It was about 4 aliens whose Space Ship had broken down on planet Earth. They happen to meet a group of children who are rehearsing for their nativity play. The children have the task of explaining the true meaning of Christmas to them. We performed the play for the entire school at different stages and our parents and extended family and friends also came to see it, which was very exciting indeed!!!

Music with Marsha

We are learning lots of lovely songs with Marsha and we are getting very good at tapping out the beat using claves and triangles.

Learning about Spain with Elena

We learned all about Spain recently, when Elena from Spain spent some time in our class with us. We even learned some Spanish dancing!!!

An owl on a branch

We made these owls using various 2-D shapes. Can you spot them? We also collected real branches for our owls to sit on and stuck on real leaves too.