Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A visit from the Fire Brigade - Wednesday, 23rd March

Today we all got a great surprise when some members of the Galway Fire Brigade visited our school. We went out to the yard to see them. We all got a chance to hold the hose and 'fire' some water out. The force of the water coming out was a lot stronger than our garden hose at home!! It would need to be to put out all those fires!! We also got a chance to go inside the fire engine and have a quick look around. Afterwards, when we returned to class we learned a cool song about a fire engine. You can check it out on utube:Fire Truck by Ivan Ulz.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Cosa Beoga performance

We got a really great surprise yesterday when the Irish set dancing group Cosa Beoga performed for us in our school halla. They were really terrific and we enjoyed their performance so much. Cosa Beoga will be one of the groups representing the West of Ireland in the All Ireland Talent Show on Sunday and they would really appreciate a vote from you!!! We wish them the best of luck in the final.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Measuring in Maths

We have been busy measuring in Maths over the past few days with informal units of measurement (such as measuring with cubes, lollipop sticks and handspans). An important part of this activity is estimating first what we think the answer is going to be. It was great fun guessing beforehand and it didn't matter if our guess was right or wrong. We did our best to make a sensible guess. Once we made our guess and recorded it we then measured the object to see if our answer was correct. We worked individually at times and we also worked with a partner. Have a look at us at busy at work!!!

Growing Seeds

Yesterday we planted some cress seeds in class as we have been learning about plants and the conditions necessary for growth. We know that plants need water, light and soil to grow. However, we didn't need soil to grow our cress seeds as they will grow perfectly fine on damp cotton wool. Teacher gave each of us a plastic cup with our name on it. Then we put some paper in it purely to add height. Next we wet some cotton wool and placed it on top of the paper in the cup. We then spread our seeds on top of the cotton wool. Cress seeds usually don't take very long to grow so we expect to have some lovely cress to bring home very soon!!!

St. Patrick's Day Art

Have a look at some of the lovely things we made in Art for St. Patrick's Day.
Here is Jumping O' Jiminy Leprechaun!!!!

 We all made an Irish flag to bring to the parade with us tomorrow!!
 We made a St. Patrick's Day card to wish all our families a Happy St. Patrick's Day
We also made lovely badges

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Senior School Parade

Today we went out to see the Senior School march around Renmore. They were simply wonderful and their costumes were lovely. They also played a variety of instruments such as the drums, accordian and tin whistle. We looked out for our brothers and sisters in the Senior School also and gave them a huge cheer as they passed. Well done to all the boys and girls and teachers in the Senior School. We really enjoyed the parade.