Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More work on the Owl Babies

Today we wrote a little bit about the Owl Babies and practised re-telling the story in our own words - have a look at how we got on!!!!

Monday, 28 November 2011

The Owl babies

We love the story of the Owl Babies. by Martin Waddell. We know the story really well by now and each day we have been doing different literacy activities based on the story. We can name the author and illustrator. We learned what the 'blurb' meant and made up our own blurb for the book. We can name the characters and talk about the setting of the story. We can answer who, what, when, where, why and how questions about the story. We can re-tell the story again in our own words and can sequence the events of the story in the correct order. We can pick out our favourite characters in the story and say why we like them (Bill was certainly the most popular character in our class!!!). What a clever bunch we are!! We have also learned about owls in general. Here are some interesting things that we have learned about owls...
1. Owls nest in farm buildings as well as churches, sheds and natural holes in trees.
2. Owls can not move their eyes but they can move their heads almost right around.
3.Owls use their excellent sight and hearing to hunt for food.
4.Owls swallow their food whole and then spit out the bones and fur. This is called a pellet.
5.The Snowy owl is not nocturnal.
6. Owls have three eyelids – one for blinking, one for sleeping and one for keeping the eye clean.
7.Baby owls are called owlets.
8.Owls eat mice, rats, small birds and frogs.
9. Owls catch their prey with their talons.

An owl in a tree

We have been doing the Big Book 'Owl Babies' in English and for art this week we finger painted this entire forest scene of an owl in a tree at night. First we wet the entire page with water and we finger painted the background using orange and yellow paint. When the background was dry we finger painted the tree, bushes and the owl using black paint. When that was dry we added two large white eyes with black pupils. We added stars and the moon. They turned out great - have a look!!!

Maths - The story of 5

We are working on the story of 5 at the moment in Maths. Today we used 5 pegs on hangers to work out all the ways of making 5. We were able to work out and write down all the combinations ourselves. Teacher is so proud of us for working so hard!!!


A theatre company visited our school last week and performed Aladdin for all the children in our school. We really enjoyed the show and we loved the colourful costumes and characters. We thought that Aladdin was very brave!!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Science Week

We did lots of interesting things for Science week.
Paper Rockets
We made these rockets with paper by wrapping one strip of paper around a pencil. We sellotaped the top to trap the air and put a picture of a rocket on top. Then we inserted a straw in the paper cylinder we had created and we blew our rockets. It was great fun.

Larger rockets
We made these large  rockets by wrapping an A4 sheet of card around a metal template. Then we cut out a circle and cut a slit and turned it into a cone shape to form the top of the rocket. Next, we brought our rockets outside and teacher had a special rocket launcher and we each placed our rocket on the launcher in turn and pumped air into it. When we released a valve our rockets went flying into the air and we ran to catch them!!

The Bubble Show
We went to see a bubble show yesterday in the halla. We saw some huge bubbles and learned some interesting facts about bubbles. We saw that it didn't matter what shape the bubble wand was (we saw star wands, rectangular wands, cubic wands and triangular wands) - the bubble still came out in the shape of a sphere. We got a chance to look at giant bubbles and we observed that all the colours of the rainbow (red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo and violet) are visible at first in the bubble. When all the colours disappear the bubble is about to burst. If the bubble wand was very big then the bubble was very big also. We also saw a bubble filled with smoke, a bubble within another bubble and several bubbles joined together. To make the bubble mixture you will need a fairly large container filled with water. Add 1% glycerine and 4% washing up liquid. Mums and Dads will need to give a hand making the mixture!

Halloween Photos

Our clsss dressed up in our Halloween costomes - aren't we a scary bunch?!!!

 Here are Miss Flaherty and Mrs. Mc Loughlin!!!

 All the First and Second classes performing the Thriller Dance in unison!!

 Look teacher, I got the ring in the brack!!!!!