Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Our computer pictures

We created these pictures on the computer using 'Splosh'. We simply love using Splosh and we are all really good at using the programme now. Have a look at our beautiful pictures. 

A visit from Judy the dog

We got a lovely surprise today when Judy the dog came to spend some time in our class. She's a pomerian. We all got a chance to hold her and we took good care of her. We hope that she will come back to visit us again.


Valentine's Day Art

We made these Valentine wreaths by cutting out lots of small hearts and sticking them on to the outer rim of a paper plate. Teacher attached some ribbon for us so that we could hang them up.
These fridge magnets turned out great. We coloured in the cute teddy bear and then stuck on a picture of ourselves. Teacher laminated them for us and attached some magnetic tape.
These Valentine bookmarks turned out great. 
 We made Mr Valentine by cutting out a selection of hearts of different sizes (small, medium and large). We attached them to a long black strip, leaving a space between each heart. We added some detail to each face.
We also made a selection of Valentine cards and learned a Valentine rhyme.

 We coloured in a Valentine Poster.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

3-D Shapes

We are learning all about 3-D shape.s The main 3-d shapes we are concentrating on are cubes, cuboids, cylinders and spheres. We identified these shapes in the environment and we also brought in some more examples of these shapes from home. We are practising counting the faces, edges and corners (if applicable) of these shapes. We play a game with teacher where we have to feel a 3-shape in the feely bag (we can't look at it) and we have to feel it and describe what we are feeling. The rest of the class have to guess what shape it is. We give as much information about the shape as possible. For example if we are holding a cube we might say 'the shape in my hand has 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 corners. All the faces are squares. Whoever guesses correctly comes up next and picks another shape from the bag. We also experimented with which 3-d shapes could roll and which ones couldn't. We discovered that the corners aren't helpful when trying to roll a shape with corners!! Cylinders and spheres roll very well whereas cubes and cuboids don't roll at all. We also used 3-d shapes to make things. We worked in groups and had great fun.

I have a cuboid.