Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween Art

We have made many wonderful things for Halloween this month. Have a look at the following:
Pumpkin men

Colourful ghosts!!!

Paper plate vampires

Spiders made out of clay

We made these spiders out of clay today. We had great fun beforehand banging the clay to get all the air out. Then we moulded the clay into a ball shape and pressed it between the palms of our hands to flatten it to form the basic shape of a spider. We pressed on googly eyes and stuck in pipe cleaners (4 on each side) for the legs. We will paint our spiders when the clay dries completely and they harden.

Baboró's 'Nubes' (clouds) performance on Friday, 21st October

We went to see 'Nubes' (clouds) in the Town Hall Theatre on Friday as part of Baboró's International Festival for Children. Nubes/Clouds premiered in Madrid in 2009 and last year it also graced the stage of London’s world-famous Sadler’s Wells. It has won the coveted MAX awards for Best Children’s Show and Best Costume Design.

We thought that it was an amazing show from start to finish and it was  stunningly beautiful to say the very least. We were simply mesmerised throughout the entire performance (both pupils and teachers alike!!!!!). We loved the flipper dance and the ladder dance not to mention the people dancing with no heads!!! The six dancers were superb - bravo to the Spanish dance company Aracaladanza!!!!!

When we returned to school after the performance we discussed, wrote about and drew a picture of our favourite parts. Have a look at the following video to experience a little taste of what we saw and prepare to be amazed!!!!!

The Halloween Band!!!!

We are learning some lovely songs for Halloween. One of our favourites is a song called 'There was an old Witch'. We took out the instruments to accompany the song. We used claves for 'She tapped on the window'. We used maracas for 'swish goes the broomstick' and we used drums for 'plop goes the fat toad sitting on her hat'.

We also listened to some music from Harry Potter and we pretended to be ghosts, goblins, bats, monsters, witches and zombies. It was great fun.

More pattern work

We are getting really good at making patterns using beads, bears, cubes, pegs and links and deciding what comes next in a pattern. Here we are doing some more pattern work on the whiteboard.

Maths 2D Shape

We have been learning about 2-d shapes. We made some shape pictures by ourselves using squares, circles, rectangles, triangles, Then we worked with a partner and put all our shapes together to make a new shape picture. We learned that a square and rectangle both have four sides and four corners. A triangle has three sides and three corners and a circle has one curved side and no corners.

Experiment to see if our lunch drinks contain acid

We did an experiment to see if any of our lunch drinks contained acid. Teacher put some strips of red cabbage in a bowl and added some very hot water. The water turned purple. Then teacher poured this purple cabbage water into numerous plastic cups. We then poured a few drops of our lunch drinks in the cabbage water. If the water turned red/pink we knew that it contained an acid. We know that acids are bad for our teeth. We discovered that orange juice, apple juice, lemon juice and Ribena all contain acid and that the best thing for us to drink is water and milk. The water and milk contained no acids.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Toy Day

We get to bring in our own toys on Fridays for playtime. We enjoy sharing and playing games together.