Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A Doctor comes to visit

Arsalan's Dad, Muhammad, came to visit us last week to tell us all about his job as a doctor. First he told us all about the different types of doctors there are and what they do and then he told us about his special job -he's an anaesthetist (it's a long word but we are good at saying it by now!!). We discussed why it is necessary to put people to sleep before an operation. Arsalan's Dad also brought along his stethoscope and showed us how to use it. He left it with us for the day so we all got a chance to listen to our own heartbeat the heartbeat of our friends. It was so interesting and was great fun also. Later we listened to some heartbeats on the interactive whiteboard and they were a little easier to hear as we could turn the volume up!! A big thank you to Arsalan's Dad for coming to see us.

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