Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas Art

We have made lots of lovely things in art for Christmas.

We made these beautiful 3-D angels. First we coloured in the angels. Then we cut them out. We painted an empty toilet roll and when it was dry teacher stapled our angels to the toilet rolls so that they would stand up by themselves. We added a doiley which looks just like a beautiful snowflake.

Look at the beautiful stable I made at home.

A Snowman in the snow
First we paintes a paper plate blue. When dry we did a rough outline of a snowman and then filled it in with cotton wool. We also placed cotton wool for snow on the ground and scattered some amongst the trees. We added a scarf and hat using felt material. We cot out a nose from foan and used felt fot the mouth. We used googly eyes. We made the tree from brown paper cut into strips. Some tinfoil came in handy to make the icicles and the moon.

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