Monday, 30 March 2009

Signs of spring and spring art

We have been very busy over the past few weeks with our spring art.

We learned about the life cycle of the frog and made some groovy frogs!! Some tadpoles came to stay in our classroom for a while also.

We made some spring lambs and flowers

  • We went on a nature walk when we had the fine weather and searched for visible signs of spring in our local environment. When we came back to class we made a list of what we had observed. Then we discussed other general signs of spring.
  • Trees grow buds which grow into leaves.
  • Birds start to build their nests.
  • A variety of flowers start to grow again.
  • The farmer ploughs the land.
  • Young animals are born on the farm, e.g. lambs, piglets calves etc.
  • Days start to get longer.
  • Weather gets warmer (in theory!!!)
Here is a picture taken recently of Miss Flaherty feeding a baby lamb in Donegal;

Mother sheep and three baby lambs- aren't they adorable!!

Here is a picture of some buds on a horse chestnut tree growing near our school:

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