Monday, 25 May 2009

Celebrating Africa Week

This week is Africa week and we are learning all about Africa and African culture. Today we concentrated on African animals. We learned some interesting animal facts such as the giraffe is the tallest land mammel (it can reach almost 6 meters tall) and did you know that its tongue is blueish in colour to stop it from getting sunburnt?!! The giraffe was originally thought to be a cross between the horse and tiger. We learned that the Rhino is the second largest land animal. Can you guess which is the first? Here is a little quiz about African animals to test your knowledge (the answers are at the end but no peaking until you get to the end!!!).

1. Which animal's name means 'earth pig' in the Afrikaans language?
A. Hippopotamus
B. Aardvark
C. Tapir

2. Africa is home to the world's smallest type of squirrel, called the......?
A. Pygmy squirrel
B. Shrew squirrel
C. Bird squirrel

3. What is the world's fastest animal?
A. The Puma
B. The Leopard
C. The Cheetah

4. A Giraffe was originally thought to be a cross between which two animals?
A. Horse and Tiger
B. Leopard and Camel
C. Zebra and Antelope

5. A Rhino's horn is made from........?
A. Bone
B. Matted hair
C. Wood

6. In a pride of lions, who does the most hunting?
A. The males
B. The females

7. The pangolin is a type of........?
A. Anteater
B. Fish
C. Snake

8. How many species of bat does Africa have?
A. 111
B. 211
C. 311

9. A dikdik is a type of.....?
A. Antelope
B. Horse
C. Monkey

10. Baby elephants are called....?
A. Pups
B. Calves
C. Cubs

11. What is the largest living land mammel?
A. Hippopotamus
B. Rhino
C. Elephant

1=B, 2=A, 3=C, 4=A, 5=A, 6=B, 7=C, 8=C, 9=A, 10=B, 11=C

Also this week we will be listening to some African stories. You can check out our History and Geography Site and click on African stories for some great African stories (How Monkey Looked for Trouble and Tiger and The Big Wind are great!!). We will also be making some traditional African masks and learning how to play some African games.

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