Monday, 8 June 2009

Ordinal number

Today in Maths we worked on ordinal number. First we had a problem to help teacher to solve. Some of the animals (who were all great friends by the way!!) wanted to go on a trip. Since the park was a long way away they decided to take the bus. They all had a number underneath their picture which told them what order to line up in so that the queue would be nice and orderly. The problem was that all the numbers got mixed up and we had to decide which animal went first, second third etc. We did very well and managed to sort them out in order very quickly after a few turns. While ten children held up the numbers the rest of the class had to answer questions such as 'which animal is first/third/last etc? Then we swapped over and the children who were ordering the numbers now had to answer the questions. It was good fun.

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