Thursday, 22 April 2010

Healthy Living - Wednesday, 21st April

A big thank you to Brendan Smith for coming in to see us yesterday to speak to us about Healthy Living. We discussed why it is important to prevent pollution and looked at the effects of pollution on the world today (for example lots of animals are dying as a result of swallowing rubbish such as plastic being carelessly dumped by people). We saw why global warming isn't good at all and the effect that it is having on our polar bear population in particular. We discussed the food pyramid and the importance of eating healthy foods. We even saw a picture of a very ugly pirate and Brendan explained that a long time ago pirates were very ugly and had rotten teeth because they didn't eat healthy foods!! It reminded us all to eat a balanced diet!! At the end of the presentation Brendan showed us a video about the swans in Galway which was recorded by some children in the Claddagh school. It was utterly charming and we loved it all especially when the baby cygnets were travelling on their mum's back until they learned how to swim for themselves!! We will look out for all those famous swans featured when we are out and about in Galway, especially in the Claddagh!!!

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