Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Maths activities

We love doing our Maths activities each day. Today we were using the number fans. Teacher called out a number and then we had to find it on our number fan. When teacher said 'Show me', we all had to show her the number at the same time. Sometimes teacher would cover a number on her number line and we had to show her the number that was covered on our number fans. We also had to show her the number that was 'in between' two numbers on the number line and numbers that were bigger or smaller than a given number. We got a turn to come up and act as teacher and hide certain numbers on the number line and the rest of the class had to show the missing number.

Which number is covered above?

We love playing the apple tree game. We work in groups and the first person to cover all of their apple trees is the winner. We throw the dice and then have to count out the correct number of counters to cover all of our apples.

We also play 'Buggy Bingo'. We spin the wheel and then have to see which bug and number it landed on. We then check out board and count the indicated number of bugs. If we have the same number of bugs on our card then we can cover that section. The first person to cover everything wins!!

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