Monday, 22 November 2010

Electricity workshop on Friday 19th November

The Armagh Planetarium visited our school on Friday,19 November, during Science Week. Our class got to go to an electricity workshop, along with some of the children from Miss Ferguson's class. It was a super workshop. First we got to see static electricity in operation. We rubbed a balloon against our hair and found that the balloon could then pick up small pieces of paper. It also could make our hair stand up!! Amazingly the balloon could also move an empty tin can when we held the balloon close to it after we had rubbed the balloon against our heads. We also saw some clever tricks on how electricity could be passed from one electricity source to another. It could even be passed from an electricity source through one person, then an object. to another person!! We could also block the path the electricity took by blocking it with our hands. Of course we are talking about safe electricity which is very different from the electricity we find in sockets etc. 

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