Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Science Experiments workshop for Science Week

Last week we did a lot of extra science experiments as part of Science week.
Here are a few of our favourites:
Paper Helicopters
We each made a large and small paper helicopter. We watched them spin as they dropped. The small ones reached the ground first. We also added paper clips to some of the large helicopters and then we all dropped our large helicopters at the same time from the same height. The heavier helicopters (ie the ones with the paper clips) reached the floor first. We also bended the rotor blades the other way round and noticed that the helicopter changed direction. We went out to the yard and experimented further with our helicopters.

Rocket Launch

This was a very exciting science experiment and was one of our all time favourites!! First we blew up some balloons and then we let our balloons go. We noticed that they flew all over the classroom in no particular direction as the air came out of them. Then we decided to direct the path the released balloon would take. Teacher pulled some string through a straw and then tied the string at either end of the classroom. We blew up a balloon and sellotaped it to the side of the straw. We kept thye air in the balloon using a clothes peg. Lastly, we pulled our rocket back to the beginning of nthe string and took off the clothes peg -our rocket was launched!!! It moved so quickly -we could hardly believe it!!
Make a Lever

We made these cute dogs with waggly tails that can stick their tongues out!! We basically created a simple lever and we learned that when you push or pull one part of a lever you make a push or pull on another part in the opposite direction.

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